Small-town kindness continues to highlight good news from the road

April 2, 2020

Wendy Parker


Here are two communities expressing thanks to truck drivers and welcoming them to their community. It is some more good news to bask in for professional commercial vehicle drivers.

The Waushara Argus weekly news (online edition) reports the tiny village of Redgranite, Wis., is rolling out the red carpet for truck drivers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The village board met in a special meeting on March 18 to discuss plans for helping truckers find parking a food options.

The article reads, “In the nation’s time of need, drivers are our heroes. Citizens appreciate what drivers do for this country and the community.”

Redgranite Village showed it by placing a “welcome” sign in the center of town, between Main and Division Streets.

Garbage cans and picnic tables were set up to accommodate drivers being able to eat outside of their trucks. Restaurants are within walking distance of this parking location, as well as delivery from some of the area’s participating restaurants.

If you think “lava hot springs” sounds like something you should avoid, think again.

The Lava Hotel and Spa in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho, located 70 miles north of Logan, Utah, offers a free night’s stay for commercial truck drivers who continue to run during the COVID-19 pandemic. A shower and a night outside of the truck is the least the Sorenson family, who own the hotel, can offer weary drivers who may be having a hard time finding comfort on the road.

As the “new normal” continues to change day by day, the “old normal” of generosity and kindness continues to carry on. There’s good news out there, you just have to look a little harder for it.

Be safe, drivers.

Here’s some more good news to enjoy: