RoadLog ELDs to be discontinued, company announces

April 30, 2020

Land Line Staff


Continental Automotive Systems recently began informing its customers that it is discontinuing its RoadLog line of electronic logging devices.

In an email to its customers, the company said “unforeseen market conditions” and the “dynamic requirements” of the ELD business led to the decision. Land Line’s attempts to receive comment from Continental were unsuccessful.

According to the email, the company will quit selling RoadLog ELDs on May 1, and it will continue to provide service and technical support to existing customers through Aug. 14.

“For the next four months ending Aug. 14, 2020, Continental will continue to provide you with access to the RoadLog service for your subscribed devices and with technical support related to your devices and the service,” the email notice stated. “During such time, we will work to assist you in your transition to an alternate ELD compliance solution. Effective Aug. 14, the RoadLog Office services are hereby terminated.”

The company said in the email that it is working with KeepTruckin to provide an offer to RoadLog customers to make the transition to a new ELD provider. In addition, Continental said it will provide customers with detailed instructions on how to download and save their user data, including hours of service and IFTA records, from their RoadLog accounts.

More information about the company’s decision can be found here.