Rhode Island will not be stopping trucks out of New York

March 27, 2020

Terry Scruton


On Thursday, Rhode Island Gov. Gina Raimondo announced a new executive order mandating that anyone traveling to Rhode Island from New York – the state currently being hit the hardest by the COVID-19 outbreak – must self-quarantine for two weeks effective immediately.

In addition, state police will be stopping cars with New York license plates as they come into the state. However, Raimondo said in a news conference that trade will not be affected and anyone driving through the state, doing commerce or making a pickup or delivery will be allowed to do so. Col. James Manni, superintendent of the Rhode Island State Police, said trucks will not be stopped under the order.

“This will not affect interstate commerce in the state of Rhode Island,” Manni said during a press conference. “Starting tomorrow, the Rhode Island State Police will be stopping passenger vehicles entering Rhode Island with New York license plates. We are not stopping any commercial vehicles or tractor-trailer trucks. We realize these tractor-trailers are vital to interstate commerce and that they will be carrying not only food but PPE and also medicine.”

The Rhode Island executive order from Raimondo went into effect immediately on Thursday.

Meanwhile the Centers for Disease Control also issued an order that anyone leaving the greater New York City area should self-quarantine for 14 days. However, the CDC says that does not apply to critical transportation and delivery workers, including truckers.

Instead, the CDC says truckers should stay in their vehicles as much as possible while supplies are being loaded and unloaded, avoid being within 6 feet of others as much as possible when they do exit their vehicles, and use electronic receipts if possible.

If truckers have to spend the night in the greater New York City area, they should isolate as much as possible in their sleeper berth or hotel room, according to the CDC.

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