Review of FMCSA survey on Mexico carriers to be conducted

April 8, 2022

Land Line Staff


The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Office of Inspector General is conducting a review of FMCSA grants of operating authorities to carriers for conducting operations beyond border commercial zones.

In August, the FMCSA submitted a report to Congress on all existing grants of operating authority to all Mexico-domiciled and Mexican-owned motor carriers with authority to operate across border commercial zones.

“Moving international cargo across the U.S. border is essential to our economy, including goods transported to and from Mexico via long-haul trucks,” the DOT’s Office of Inspector General wrote on April 6.

“The USMCA Statement of Administrative Actions directed our office to review the Department of Transportation’s actions to determine whether each motor carrier with any operating authority covered by FMCSA’s reporting requirement complies with applicable federal motor carrier safety laws and regulations and section 350 requirements.”

The review will attempt to determine whether FMCSA:

  • Met requirements in authorizing Mexico-domiciled and Mexican-owned or ‑controlled motor carriers to conduct long-haul trucking operations beyond border commercial zones.
  • Monitored those carriers to ensure they are operating safely. LL