Residents petition against proposed Love’s in Missouri town

October 13, 2022

Tyson Fisher


Residents in Herculaneum, Mo., are trying to halt a proposed Love’s Travel Stop.

According to a petition on, residents of the Providence subdivision in Herculaneum want Love’s to set up shop elsewhere. As of the morning of Oct. 13, the petition had nearly 1,200 signatures.

The petition claims that “the type of environment travel stops like theirs bring with drugs, prostitution, crime, and noise are an unwelcome addition to this area.”

Some residents point out there is already a QuikTrip in the area. According to a KSDK report, some residents may raise money for legal help.

If approved, the Love’s Travel Stop would be situated off Interstate 55 in Herculaneum.

A roundabout would be created to deal with truck traffic.

Land Line reached out to the city’s board of aldermen for comment. As of Oct. 13, no response had been received.

Love’s sent Land Line the following statement:

“Love’s places stores in areas that are easy to access for customers, and the business-zoned area it’s doing due diligence on off Interstate 55 in Herculaneum fits that. The location will provide a safe and clean stop for drivers accessing the port nearby. Love’s is excited to join the growing community and bring with it the job opportunities, economic impacts, and community giving initiatives a new location brings. We look forward to meeting with the community soon to collect input on things like food offerings that will be available and to address any concerns.” LL