Research institute seeks driver input on issues facing the trucking industry

September 7, 2022

Ryan Witkowski


Nobody knows the concerns of the trucking industry better than those serving on the front lines. With that in mind, the American Transportation Research Institute is turning to truckers to help identify to biggest issues in the industry today.

For an 18th consecutive year, the Arlington, Va.-based not-for-profit research firm is turning to those in the field to identify and solve the issues facing drivers and carriers. According to ATRI, the organization’s annual Top Industry Issues Survey “asks trucking industry stakeholders to rank the top issues of concern for the industry along with potential strategies for addressing each issue.”

In addition to ranking the issues overall, the survey also provides insights into how certain topics are ranked differently by motor carriers and professional drivers. ATRI says industry stakeholders use the report to monitor issues over time – giving them a better understanding of which issues are rising, or falling, in criticality.

“The annual Top Industry Issues Survey has long been a crucial part of understanding the issues facing our country’s supply chain,” Harold Sumerford Jr., CEO of J & M Tank Lines, said in a statement. “ATRI’s research provides a chance for thousands of trucking industry professionals, from drivers to executives, to weigh in on the most important topics that affect trucking and collectively decide on the best strategies for addressing each.”

In 2021, ATRI’s annual survey found that a driver shortage was the No. 1 industry concern. Driver compensation and driver retention rounded out the top three.

Truck drivers, meanwhile, viewed driver compensation, truck parking and detention time as the industry’s main issues.

“I encourage my fellow drivers to take a few minutes and complete the Top Industry Issues Survey,” Yellow driver Steve Fields said in a statement. “Whether your top issue is truck parking, driver compensation, detention, traffic congestion or something else, it only takes a few minutes to make your voice heard and for us collectively to let the industry know what drivers are most concerned about.”

Drivers and carriers can complete this year’s survey here. The deadline to respond is Oct. 7. Results of the 2022 survey are scheduled to be released Oct. 22. LL

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