Problems with Rand McNally ELDs reported to OOIDA

November 24, 2020

Scott Thompson


Some Rand McNally ELD users have been reporting problems with their devices. Several calls started coming in on the morning of Tuesday, Nov. 24, to OOIDA’s Business Services Department, team lead Adam Kleinschmidt told Land Line Now.

“The only thing I’ve heard so far consistently is that you’re not able to certify your logs and you’re not able to access your record of duty status from the day or prior seven days,” Kleinschmidt said. “So basically, the only way to be compliant would be to access your previous seven days and the sooner you do that the better, because if you can’t access anything from them electronically, you have to reconstruct those logs yourself.”

The truck drivers reporting the issues to OOIDA said they were having difficulties reaching Rand McNally for assistance.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the Rand McNally website was down. Attempts by Land Line Media to reach the company by phone were unsuccessful.

However, Rand McNally did send a notice to its customers on Tuesday.

“As you may be aware, Rand McNally recently discovered a disruption to certain portions of our computer and phone network,” the company stated. “We commenced an immediate investigation that included taking certain systems offline and are working with specialists to determine the nature and the scope of the event. We are working diligently to restore the functionality of our systems to minimize downtime, particularly for regulated and essential industry sectors.

“The investigation is ongoing, but to date we have no indication that Rand McNally customer data is affected.”

On Monday, Nov. 23, the Rand McNally Facebook page posted a similar comment referencing computer network “disruptions.”

The solution for truck drivers using a Rand McNally ELD, for now, is to go old school.

“The first thing you need to do is construct some sort of letter to your carrier, even if it’s you, just documenting that there is an ELD malfunction, what the ELD malfunction was, and from that moment, you have eight days. Before you can get that fixed, you can run paper logs,” Kleinschmidt said.

“If it’s gonna take longer than that eight days to fix, you can file for an extension through FMCSA and the way that you do that is essentially the same thing you’re putting in that letter of what it is and you’re going to send that letter to FMCSA. They’ll make a determination. You want to start working on doing that as quickly as possible, just in case.”

The FMCSA’s ELD support page can be found here.

Rand McNally filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection earlier this year, and the company was bought out last month.

It’s not immediately clear if the company’s computer network problems are related in any way.  LL