Will the 2020 economy be like 2019’s?

January 8, 2020


Land Line Now, Jan. 8, 2020.

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Last year was tough for the trucking economy. We’ll look at some of the big trends and what they may mean for the 2020 economy. Also, a look at freight rates.

2020 economy Cost of running a trucking company becoming more expensive

I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

From the latest on Connecticut’s plan to toll trucks to concerns over a bridge in Houston, it’s today’s trucking news.

II. 2020 economy – repeat of 2019, or not?

Last year was a tough one for the trucking industry, economically speaking. We’ll take a look at some of the big trends and what they could mean for the 2020 economy.

III. Rates surprise, while diesel prices rise

Rates take a surprising upturn in a usually sluggish January. And the national average for diesel is on the rise, but it’s a mixed bag of prices around the country as everyone keeps their eyes on Iran.

IV. Highway bill? What highway bill?

For some time, we’ve heard that the highway bill is just around the corner. Now, an important member of the U.S. House says it may be longer till we thought before we see the actual legislation.

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