Will Tesla face recall?

September 6, 2019


LLN (9/6/19) – Will Tesla face recall as they continue to snub NHTSA? Pennsylvania is struggling to fund repairs to its crumbling infrastructure. Mark Reddig suggests in today’s rant that it may be Pennsylvania’s own fault. We’ll discuss exemptions to regulations following major storms. And we have the latest edition of Roses and Razzberries.

0:00-10:11 – Newscast.

10:10-24:47 – Roses and Razzberries

24:44-38:47 – Op-Ed; Pennsylvania’s highway funding issues may be self-inflicted. Plus what drivers need to know about exemptions to regulations following storms.

38:42-48:24 – Could Tesla face a recall?

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Segment 2

Terry Scruton and Mary McKenna offer a chance for fame – or infamy – to people and events in the news. If you want to offer up your own Rose or Razzberry for our consideration, you can submit those here, or visit us on Facebook.

Segment 3

Infrastructure problems are common in every state in the union. Mark Reddig shares his opinion on the state of Pennsylvania, where he believes most of its road and bridge funding problems are self-inflicted.

We are in the midst of hurricane season, and with a major storm already on the books truckers need to be ready for how the storm affects them – and the places they haul. That includes federal exceptions to the regulations and those they still have to follow. Mark Reddig talks with Jim Jefferson of OOIDA’s Business Services Department.

Segment 4

The National Transportation Safety Board recently weighed in on another Tesla crash. Mary McKenna discusses the report in detail with Jay Grimes in OOIDA’s Washington D.C., office.