What do we know about FMCSA nominee?

April 15, 2021


Land Line Now, April 15, 2021.

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President Biden has nominated Meera Joshi as the new head of the FMCSA. We’ll go over what we know about her background and experience.

Meera Joshi nominated to be permanent FMCSA administrator

I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

Truck parking gets another shout out in Congress. A new per diem change could benefit some truckers. And you know what’s a real problem? People tweeting when they should be driving.

II. FMCSA nominee is former NYC official

President Biden has nominated Meera Joshi to head the FMCSA. We’ll go over what we know about Joshi – and discuss some FMCSA scam warnings and a list of state infrastructure needs.

III. Texas battles over tolls

Texas is the site of a battle between those who want more tolls, and those who want to eliminate them. In Oklahoma, lawmakers consider who should enforce truck size and weight rules.

IV. When will truck stops have the COVID-19 vaccine?

Work continues to distribute COVID-19 vaccines across the country. But when will we see them at truck stops? Plus, what’s next for the infrastructure bill after a congressional hearing.

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