Vaccine mandate suspended by OSHA

November 18, 2021


Land Line Now, Nov. 18, 2021.

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Few things generate as much talk in trucking as vaccine mandates. But one mandate is now suspended. We’ll have what you need to know.

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I. Today’s news with Scott Thompson

OSHA pushes off enforcement of its vaccine mandate for large employers amid a flurry of legal challenges. The White House wants the FTC to investigate rising fuel prices. And a 10-point buck finds sanctuary in a church as hunting season starts.

II. Vaccine mandate on hold – for now

Few things have generated quite as much talk in trucking as vaccine mandates. But one of those mandates is now suspended, at least for now. We’ll have that, plus a recap of what the FMCSA nominee said to a group of truckers.

III. Pennsylvania eases truck registrations

State lawmakers in Pennsylvania are moving a bill that would make annual truck registrations easier, while voters in one Nevada county consider an optional local diesel tax.


IV. Supply chain gets some federal attention

Yesterday, federal lawmakers took a crack at the supply chain, discussing solutions that might get things moving again. And of course, some important trucking issues came up.

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