Be on guard for unscrupulous towing companies

September 11, 2019


(LLN 9/11/19) – Being on the road as much as they are, truckers sometimes get caught having to deal with unscrupulous towing companies. Be on guard. We have advice on how not to get taken. Diesel prices continue their downward trend, while truckers are beginning to see freight rates trending higher. We’ll have details. And, an update from today’s Transportation and Infrastructure Committee’s hearing on how to deal with congestion.

0:00-10:11   – Newscast

10:10-24:47 – Be on the lookout for unscrupulous towing companies.

24:44-38:47 – Diesel prices are down while load rates are trending higher.

38:42-48:20 – House T & I committee discusses what to do about congestion.

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Being on the road as much as you are, truckers get caught dealing with unscrupulous towing companies more than your average motorist. Terry Scruton talks with Adam Kleinschmidt of OOIDA’s Business Services Department about a particularly egregious case involving a towing company that only seemed to exist on paper.

Segment 3

Now that communities are attempting to recover from Hurricane Dorian and emergency freight is on the move, truckload capacity has tightened and increased rates for vans, reefers, and flatbeds. Mary McKenna talks with Mark Montague of DAT, a company that provides market information for owner-operators, carriers, brokers, and shippers.

Diesel price averages dropped again this week, marking the ninth straight week of decline. Mary McKenna offers a detailed update on the price of diesel fuel and crude oil, including a break down by region and analysis.

Segment 4

Mary McKenna and OOIDA Manager of Federal Affairs Jay Grimes will have a recap of today’s House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee hearing on congestion pricing.