Truck parking: What’s the next step?

December 2, 2020


Land Line Now, Dec. 2, 2020.

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What’s the next step to solving the truck parking problem? We’ll discuss the recent meeting of the National Coalition on Truck Parking.

truck parking

I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

A new COVID relief bill is introduce in Congress; the Brent Spence Bridge is on track to reopen before Christmas; and newsflash: this is not a bright idea.

II. EIDL fine print problem

For people who received an EIDL loan from the Small Business Administration, not reading that fine print may present some problems.

III. Christmas, winter, COVID-19 and freight

Thanksgiving is over, but Christmas, winter weather and COVID will impact freight and rates heading into December.

IV. Truck parking – the next step

Today, we’ll have more detail about the meeting of the National Coalition on Truck Parking, including what the next steps are to solve the problem.

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