The elusive truck parking space

July 8, 2019


LLN (7/08/19) – A huge problem in trucking is the lack of truck parking. We’ll discuss a possible solution that involves private property with truck-only spaces, but with a fee. Plus, it’s HUVT season. We’ve got help with your 2290 paperwork. We’ll have a quick peek inside the July issue of Land Line Magazine – complete with a short musical number. And how OOIDA suggestion box is open. Details on how the association keeps in touch with its members.

0:00-9:57 – Newscast

9:57-24:42 – Truck parking – a partial solution. Plus help in filing your 2290 forms

24:42-39:40 – My Favorite Story – A first glance at the July issue of Land Line Magazine

39:40-49:34 – The Comment line is always open at OOIDA.

Segment 1

  • OOIDA is kicking off a new educational series titled “Shift Into Success” at the 2019 Great American Truck Show in Dallas. The first class, covering the cost of operations, takes place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. August 22nd in room C147 at the convention center. It’s free, and you don’t have to be an OOIDA For more information, call the OOIDA Foundation at 816-229-5791.
  • Starting July 11th, Jon Osburn and OOIDA’s tour truck, the Spirit of the American Trucker, will be at the Walcott Truckers Jamboree. That takes place at the Iowa 80 Truck Stop. Stop in, say hi to Jon and Sassi, and join OOIDA for a $10 discount. See the full Spirit Schedule.

Segment 2

It’s time to pay your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax. Mark Reddig finds out what you need to know from Heather Brown of OOIDA’s Permits and Licensing Department.

Most efforts to increase truck parking have focused on just a few areas – state-run rest areas and truck stops. Now, some private companies are offering facilities set up solely to provide more truck parking. Mark Reddig talks with OOIDA Life Member Scott Grenerth of TSPS.

Segment 3

The July issue of Land Line Magazine is out and it’s filled with great information including details from the Washington D.C. testimony of OOIDA’s President and CEO Todd Spencer on the challenges truckers face each and every day. Mary McKenna gets a taste of the latest issue from Land Line’s Jami Jones, Mark Schremmer and Greg Grisolano.

Segment 4

One week remains to submit comments to the FMCSA on their proposal for a pilot program to allow drivers under 21 years old. Mary McKenna discusses that plus other legislative issues with OOIDA’s Manager of Government Affairs Mike Matousek.