Tesla ‘assertive’ mode sparks criticism

January 12, 2022


Electric car maker Tesla’s latest move – creating an “assertive mode” for its self-driving feature – is already generating criticism.

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I. Today’s news with Scott Thompson

OSHA confirms that most truck drivers will not fall under their vaccine-or-test mandate for large employers. Virginia officials apologize and lay out what went wrong leading up to last week’s traffic jam on I-95. And Tesla is beta testing a self-driving driving mode that includes rolling stops and more frequent speed and lane changes.

II. Biennial update, chain laws, parking and more

Truckers face a host of regular filings they have to make – from taxes to the biennial update. They face different chain laws from state to state and penalties if they don’t follow them. They have to find places to park, and often, the smallest number of spaces are where the most truckers are. We’ll cover several of the recent problems truckers are calling.

III. 2022 looking good for van and reefer

We’re less than two weeks into 2022, but trends are already starting to develop. Stephen Petit of DAT tells us why posted van and reefer loads are up dramatically from this time last year before getting into more of the latest trends and numbers on the spot market.

IV. Tesla gets “assertive” with latest feature

The electric car maker Tesla has a skill at getting publicity, but – especially in trucking – it’s not always good publicity. And the automakers latest move is one that’s already generating criticism.

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