Tackling ticket quotas

May 6, 2021


Land Line Now, May 6, 2021.

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Police ticket quotas are well known and universally hated by truck drivers and the public. Now, seven states are taking action to end them.

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I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

The California Trucking Association will appeal its case against the state’s worker classification law. A Pennsylvania company has been banned from bidding on state road contracts. And do you want to buy a bridge? They’re just giving ‘em away in Colorado.

II. Enough to tackle climate change?

The U.S. DOT wants to know if its current regulations do enough to tackle climate change, the FMCSA Medical Review Board prepares to meet, and the Department of Labor drops a worker classification proposal.

III. Police ticket quotas in states’ sights


Ticket quotas – requiring law enforcement officers to write a certain number of tickets – is something well known to drivers, denied by enforcement agencies, and universally hated by the public. Now, seven states are taking action to end them.

IV. Automated vehicle safety

Do we know enough about the safety and performance of automated vehicles? Or how their introduction would affect the livelihoods of truckers? OOIDA says no, we don’t. Also, preserving flexibility in the hours of service.

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