Supply chain not a trucking problem

October 12, 2021


Land Line Now, Oct. 12, 2021.

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Like many in the general public, truckers have trouble getting parts due to supply chain problems; but a trucker shortage was not the cause.

Supply Chain

I. Today’s news with Scott Thompson

Winter weather has arrived, creating dangerous driving conditions throughout the Rockies. A 28th person convicted in staged truck crash scheme. And mourning the loss of an industry leader.

II. Glitter, truckers and the Grand Ole Opry

They say that all that glitters is not gold. Well, in some quarters, all that glitters … is Candy Bass. We’ll share a story from the longtime trucker along with fellow OOIDA life member Richard Conaway involving a truck stop chaplain, the Grand Ole Opry, and a bucketful of glitter. Also, an Iowa couple was asked to show off their quarter-century-old rig at a recent truck show. We’ll hear from them – and get some flu prevention advice from Dr. John McElligott.

III. Pennsylvania tries to ease registration process

A Pennsylvania effort is designed to make it easier for truckers to comply with registration rule, while voters in seven Georgia counties will get a chance to decide on taxes for road work.

IV. Supply chain: the reality behind the headlines

Many truckers have already encountered problems getting vital parts for their rigs because of supply chain issues. Unfortunately, that problem is being used to promote some agendas unrelated to the real problems involved. Also, how to deal with an increase in phishing scams.

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