Supply chain: drug test delays and educating the mainstream press

October 19, 2021


Land Line Now, Oct. 19, 2021.

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Because of the supply chain crisis, some drivers are walking into drug and alcohol testing clinics only to either wait or be turned away.

Supply chain

I. Today’s news with Scott Thompson

In 14-page letter, OOIDA calls on DOT to address long-standing problems in the supply chain. A U.S. Senator sheds light on ongoing issues with DEF sensors. And the company turning reefers into hotel rooms.

II. Supply chain problems hit drug testing

Staying fully compliant is hard enough, but the supply chain crisis is making it even harder than usual for some drivers. Many are walking into clinics to comply with random drug and alcohol testing, only to find themselves waiting and in some cases turned away. We’ll break down the problem and offer advice on what to do. The first induction ceremony for a brand new trucking hall of fame took place recently; we’ll have a report.

III. Local transportation funding votes ahead

County governments from the East Coast to the West will soon hold votes on the use of sales taxes, bonds or other means to pay for transportation work.

IV. Supply chain: Educating the press

Part of OOIDA’s mission that we don’t often talk about is the slow but steady work to get the mainstream press to more accurately represent what’s happening in trucking. The supply chain crisis has offered some real opportunities to move that agenda forward.

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