U.S. vs. Canadian ELD rules

October 3, 2019


LLN (10/3/19) –
How does the Canadian ELD mandate stack up against the U.S. rule? A new Delaware law allows the use of height monitoring systems to catch oversize vehicles, while a Pennsylvania effort would allow electric trucks to be a bit heavier. We’ll have information about upcoming truck shows. And some of the people who design autonomous vehicles don’t want them in their neighborhoods, while Tesla has another automation problem.

0:00-10:10 – Newscast.

10:10-24:14 – Canadian ELD mandate vs. U.S. rules.

24:14-38:43 – Delaware oversize vehicle warnings; Pennsylvania electric trucks.

38:43-48:22 – More autonomous vehicle problems.

Segment 1


  • Gary Kaufman of St. Charles, Mo., has been recognized by the Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association for 29 years of safe, accident-free driving as part of the OOIDA Safe Driving Award Program.
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Segment 2

How does the Canadian ELD mandate stack up to the U.S. mandate? Terry Scruton gets the latest from Adam Kleinschmidt of OOIDA’s Business Services Department and OOIDA Executive Vice President Lewie Pugh following their recent visit to the fall meeting of the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.

Segment 3

A new law in Delaware permits the use of height monitoring systems. And a bill in Pennsylvania could potentially increase the weight limit for electric trucks. Mary McKenna gets the details from Land Line Magazine’s Keith Goble.

Mark Reddig and Mary McKenna bring us important notices from the Land Line Now Community Bulletin Board.

Segment 4

If you don’t want people testing driverless cars in your neighborhood, you’re not alone. It turns out the people in Silicon Valley who make the things don’t want it in their neighborhoods either. Mark Reddig covers that – and another problem with yet another Tesla automated system – with Bryce Mongeon of OOIDA’s Washington, D.C., office.