Speed limiters bumped out of bill

August 31, 2021


Land Line Now, Aug. 31, 2021.

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Another attempt to require speed limiters in trucks has failed, this time in a defense spending bill. But that won’t likely stop attempts.

speed limiters

I. Today’s news with Scott Thompson


Hurricane Ida leads to road closures, fuel supply concerns. FMCSA’s emergency pandemic declaration extended again. And who says you can’t fight City Hall?

II. Tires can help – or hurt – fuel economy

When you think about what might affect fuel consumption, several things that can reduce it come to mind. And that list includes your tires. We’ll discuss how to maximize fuel efficiency by paying attention to what you’re running on – and how to make adjustments if needed.

III. Getting registered to vote

Election Day is quickly approaching. And if you’re not yet registered to vote, it is important to take that step now to ensure your voice is heard on Election Day. That, or get an absentee ballot. We’ll tell you how.

IV. Speed limiters nipped in the bud again

The people pushing to require speed limiters in trucks have lost another battle, after they attempted to attach the requirement on a defense spending bill. However, that’s not likely to stop them or those fighting against a requirement.

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