Speed limit changes in California

August 24, 2021


Land Line Now, Aug. 24, 2021.

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For more than a half century, speed limits have been set using the “85th percentile rule.” Now, California may change how they do it.

speed limit

I. Today’s news with Scott Thompson

Knocking down “mythical” claims of a driver shortage with facts. Diesel prices dip by biggest margin in more than 15 months. And why sharing a MATS memory could be worth your time.

II. A look into your engine’s future

Problems in your truck’s engine can catch you by surprise – unless you’re doing regular oil analysis. We’ll discuss the importance of regular checks, what makes for an effective analysis program and what red flags you really need to look out for.

III. California may change how it sets speed limits

Since the start of the Eisenhower Interstate System, speed limits have been set following the so-called “85th percentile rule.” Now, California may change how they do it. Meanwhile, a series of local transportation ballot issues is coming up across the country.

IV. OOIDA to Commerce Department: ‘driver shortage’ a poor excuse

A recent report from the Department of Commerce has once again used the alleged “driver shortage” to justify actions that could jeopardize safety on the roads. And OOIDA is telling the department that their proposed solution would actually solve nothing.

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