Senate OKs spending bill with ag exemption, rear underride guards

November 1, 2019


Land Line Now, Nov. 1, 2019


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Rear underride guards and the agricultural ELD exemption are in a Senate bill – but not in a bad way; while its House counterpart has several trucking poison pills. Also, we’ll offer up some Roses & Razzberries.

agricultural ELD exemption and rear underride guards

I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

Today’s newscast with everything that working truckers need to know. (10 minutes)

II. Roses and Razzberries

Some truckers helping other truckers. A trucker who was denied his service dog. The details on that and more in Roses and Razzberries. (14 minutes)

III. The solution to carriers’ problem is easy – and it is …

Which issues do drivers and carriers agree on, and which do they disagree on? We’ll explain how that figures into a big problem, and its solution. Also, how can different rules for construction zones in different states affect you? (14 ½ minutes)

IV. The good, the bad and the conference committee

The U.S. Senate version of a transportation spending bill takes a good approach to some trucking issues, but some rough spots remain in the House version. We’ll explain which issues are where. (9 ½ minutes)

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