Religious group offers truck parking

July 10, 2018


LLN (7/9/18) – A religious group is offering truckers a place to park. We’ll find out why, plus have information about: insurance requirements for oversized and overweight loads; a town in Kentucky fining truckers because loading docks didn’t pay a city fee; the latest on the TWIC Card; and EPA giving glider kit makers a little breathing room.

0:00 – 10:10 – Newscast

10:10 – 24:52 – Christian truckers parking facility

24:52 – 39:43 – Oversize/overweight insurance requirements

39:43 – 49:55 – Updates on TWIC, glider kits and more

Segment 1

As Land Line Magazine reported, there’s a local ordinance in West Buechel, Ky.,that is creating quite a bit of controversy. Located just outside of Louisville, the city has what is being dubbed as an “unloading license” that requires trucks to have a sticker or be stuck with a $25 code violation. The ordinance has been around since about 1996, but it’s finally getting the negative attention it deserves.

Perhaps city officials would appreciate truckers more if their shelves were empty. If you’re ever considering hauling a load to West Buechel, Ky., you should take this ordinance into consideration. And if you’d like to have your voice heard, feel free to call the West Buechel city hall at 502-459-4400.

Segment 2

These days, finding a good, safe place to park can be worth its weight in gold. One group has created a place for truckers to feel safe and welcome. Terry Scruton talks with the Rev. Mark Hewett of the Association of Christian Truckers about their truck parking facility. You can find out more on the Association of Christian Truckers website, or visit their Facebook page.

Segment 3

Oversized and overweight loads are one of the most common specialty operations in trucking, and they come with their own unique set of insurance requirements. Terry Scruton discusses those requirements with Trina McIntyre and Stacey Sanders of OOIDA’s Truck Insurance Department.

  • Find out more information about OOIDA’s Truck Insurance
  • You can also call the insurance department directly at 800-715-9369.
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Segment 4

After nearly 15 years, the TWIC Card is still not fully functional. Also, guidance from EPA is giving makers of glider kits a little breathing room. Mark Reddig discusses those and more with OOIDA Manager of Government Affairs Mike Matousek.

  • The TWIC bill Mike mentioned on air is R. 5729.
  • The bill to exempt carriers with 10 or fewer trucks from the ELD mandate is R. 5948.
  • It’s never too late to share your views with lawmakers. You can do that at
  • To call members of Congress, dial 202-224-3121;
  • Read OOIDA’s Guide to Contacting Lawmakers.