Don’t get sidelined – Be prepared for Brake Safety Week

September 12, 2019


(LLN 9/12/19) – Inspectors will look for critical brake violations during Brake Safety week starting Sept. 15. We have advice on how you can be prepared for your inspection. Don’t neglect to comment on the hours of service. The FMCSA appears eager to hear what you have to say. We’ll have the latest information from the Land Line Now calendar. And find out why Washington state legislators are suing their governor plus information on Wisconsin’s big investment in transportation.

0:00-10:11   – Newscast

10:11-24:45 – Commenting on the HOS is worth your time.

24:45-38:51 – Washington State legislators sue their governor. Meanwhile Wisconsin state budget includes a hefty amount of cash for transportation. Plus information from our Industry calendar.

38:51-48:20 – How to prepare for Brake Safety Week.

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The FMCSA has a long history of paying lip service to truckers without really taking any action. But today’s FMCSA has a much different attitude, at least when it comes to hours of service. Terry Scruton talks with Land Line Magazine’s Jami Jones about why now is the best time to make your opinions heard.

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State House and Senate lawmakers filed a lawsuit against Gov. Jay Inslee on Aug. 30 over what is described as “an illegal veto of six single-sentence provisions” in the two-year transportation budget. Meanwhile, a new two-year state budget has been signed into law in Wisconsin with a big investment in transportation. Mary McKenna gets the details from Land Line Magazine’s Keith Goble.

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Prepare for Brake Safety Week is Sept. 15-21. Will your brakes pass muster? Mary McKenna gets some great advice from Andy Malion with Spectra Products on how to make sure your brakes are ready for the inspection.