FMCSA announces a plan to fix CSA

July 20, 2018


LLN (7/19/18) – The FMCSA announces a plan to fix the CSA Safety Measurement System. We’ll have that, plus a Rhode Island law to prevent liability shifting onto truckers; efforts in several states to pave the way for platooning trucks; information about upcoming truck shows; and a “discussion draft” for the long-promised infrastructure bill.

0:00 – 10:10 – Newscast

10:10 – 24:52 – Fixing CSA

24:52 – 39:43 – RI liability shifting; truck platooning

39:43 – 49:54 – ‘Discussion draft’ of infrastructure bill


Segment 1

Mary McKenna reports that tolls are going up for all vehicles traveling on the Kansas Turnpike beginning October 1st.  Passenger vehicles with a K-TAG will see an increase of about 5 percent. Commercial vehicles with five or more axles will see their electronic fares rounded up to the nearest nickel. Cash commercial customers will see a 10 percent increase, with fares adjusted to the nearest quarter. Passenger vehicles paying cash will see a 12.5 percent increase. You can view both the cash schedule and electronic schedule online.

Segment 2

The FMCSA has announced a plan to fix the CSA Safety Measurement System. Mark Reddig gets the details on that – and an automated vehicle listening session – from OOIDA Manager of Federal Affairs Jay Grimes.

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Segment 3

Providing authority to test driver-assistive truck platooning technology on highways continues to advance through statehouses across the country. Also, a new law in Rhode Island ends the inclusion of an unfair clause in trucking contracts in the state. Mark Reddig gets the details from Land Line Magazine’s Keith Goble. To read about legislation in a particular state, visit the OOIDA Legislative page.

Segment 4

Next week, the chairman of the House Transportation Committee plans to put out what he calls a “discussion draft” for the long-promised infrastructure bill. Mark Reddig talks with Collin Long of OOIDA’s Washington, D.C., office.