Operation Safe Driver Week 2021 coming up

July 1, 2021


Land Line Now, July 1, 2021.

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Roadside enforcement will concentrate on speeding violations for the CVSA’s annual Operation Safe Driver Week 2021, which starts July 11.

Operation Safe Driver Week 2021

I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

The House passes a highway bill with bad news for truckers. The FMCSA announces the dates for the next MCSAC meeting. And the perilous pigeon predicament

II. Finally, some information about autonomous vehicles

A federal agency is finally demanding some detailed information about problems with autonomous vehicles, while a deadline is set for entry-level driver training.

III. Fuel taxes change in eight states

If you travel through one of eight states after this weekend, the price at the pump is likely to be different than a short time before, as fuel tax changes go into effect. Meanwhile, North Dakota plans a test of longer, heavier trucks.

IV. Operation Safe Driver week 2021 around the corner

July is going to be a busy month in trucking, mostly for bad reasons. A major enforcement blitz – Operation Safe Driver week 2021 – is a short week or so away, and truck thefts and scam calls are likely to go up. And we’ll review a recent report on motor vehicle deaths.

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