Making electric vehicles pay their fair share

November 25, 2020


Land Line Now, Nov. 25, 2020.

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Two states have their sights set on making electric vehicles help pay for roads, while one considers an electric truck weight allowance.

Pennsylvania bill would implement electric powered trucks rule, vehicle fee electric vehicles

I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

OOIDA works to get truckers on the list for vaccines; truckers continue to struggle with Rand McNally ELD problems; and why did the animals cross the interstate? Because they had their own bridge.

II. More drivers get to use hours of service exemption

The FMCSA has changed the definition of agricultural commodities, meaning a whole new group of truckers have access to the 150-air-mile exemption from the hours-of-service during harvest. We’ll have the latest on automated vehicles and broker transparency.

III. Cheap freight? Not so much in the Southwest


Truckers in the Great American Southwest are speaking out about refusing cheap freight, broker transparency and getting ready for winter.

IV. Electric vehicles may have to pay more

Pennsylvania considers a weight allowance for electric trucks – while that state and Texas pursue revenue from alternative fuel vehicles.

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  • Jon Osburn and the Spirit of the American Trucker are at the Petro in Amarillo, Texas, located at Exit 75 off Interstate 40. You can find upcoming Spirit stops here. Jon Osburn is also giving away free protective masks.
  • FMCSA clarifies agriculture definitions in hours-of-service regulations. Read more here.
  • IIHS and MIT worked together to study the effects automation and driver engagement have on driving. Read more about the study here.
  • You can find OOIDA’s complete guide to Regulatory Issues here.
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