Lousy freight rates on the left coast

January 29, 2021


Land Line Now, Jan. 29, 2021.

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Jon Osburn says this week, financial issues are on truckers’ minds, including sometimes lousy freight rates to haul off the Left Coast.

freight rates

I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

OOIDA urges Indiana to do away with an excessive overweight fee. Two trucking company owners are indicted in a PPP fraud scheme. And, it’s waste not, want not on an Oregon highway.

II. Trucking in Australia – and here – Part I

You probably know Dean Croke for his weekly Market Update segments here on our show – where he discusses freight rates each week – but he also has had a long career as a truck driver both here – and in his native Australia.

III. Trucking in Australia – and here – Part II

We continue with more of the interview with Dean Croke about his career in trucking.

IV. Lousy freight rates and other ills

Jon Osburn says this week, financial issues seem to be occupying truckers’ minds, whether it’s the lack of support from the federal government in COVID-19 relief bills, or the sometimes lousy freight rates to haul off the left coast.

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