Lots of new regulations on the way

February 20, 2020


Land Line Now, Feb. 20, 2020.

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The feds are busy creating new and proposed regulations – and OOIDA has been speaking out on them. Also, a billion dollars in federal infrastructure grants.

FMCSA Could be in hot water regulations

I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

Connecticut’s truck-only toll plan is dead – or is it? Navistar faces another fraud verdict in court; and there really are marriages made in Hell – it’s today’s news in trucking.

II. Regulations – they’re working on a bunch in D.C.

The folks at FMCSA and other federal agencies have been busy of late creating new and proposed regulations, including the Beyond Compliance program, a request to end hearing requirements for truckers and new rules for clean trucks – and OOIDA has been busy explaining how these things would affect truckers.

III. The slippery slope to snow and ice removal continues

Pennsylvania is one step closer to fining truckers for simply having snow or ice on top the truck or trailer. We’ll update you on the plan.

IV. Cabotage – it has some truckers mad

Trucks from outside the United States hauling freight point to point inside the U.S. – it’s something a lot of truckers are complaining about. We’ll discuss that problem – and cover a billion dollars in new federal infrastructure grants.

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