Liability insurance minimums – why more isn’t better

April 24, 2019


LLN (4/24/19) – The current required Insurance minimum is $750-thousand. Some people are at work to increase it. How about some spring cleaning for your body. We have some advice. And the price of diesel is up again while freight rates are lagging. We’ll find out why.
0:00-9:57 – Newscast

9:57-24:43 – It time for a little spring cleaning for your health

24:43-39:38 – Some load rates are still lagging. Plus, diesel is up for three straight weeks

39:38-49:23 – Minimum liability truck insurance. How much is enough?

Segment 1


Segment 2

Bob Perry, owner of health and transportation Joins Mark Reddig with some spring cleaning suggestions for your body.

Segment 3

Freight trends still not great in Florida. Mary McKenna talks to Mark Montague of DAT, a company that provides market information for owner operators, carriers, brokers and shippers.

Plus Diesel prices are up three weeks straight. Oil industry analyst Tom Kloza says U.S. threats against Iran’s oil exports has got the oil industry rattled.

Segment 4

Mary McKenna talks with Norita Taylor, Director of Public Relations with OOIDA, about minimum liability insurance coverage for truckers.


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