Lease-purchase: How they rope you in

August 12, 2019


LLN (8/12/19) –
Lease-purchase deals have a lot of problems – and they start with how they rope you in. Also, OOIDA member Theresa DeSantis took home the big prize at this year’s SuperRigs. We’ll have advice about what to do if you’re not prepared to spend on truck insurance extras. And Congress is in its August recess, which presents a lot of opportunities for truckers to get their views across – we’ll have some examples.

0:00-10:10 – Newscast

10:10-24:59 – SuperRigs winner

24:59 -39:14 – Insurance extras; lease purchase problems

39:14-49:07 – August recess opportunities

Segment 1


  • Former U.S. congressman and current presidential candidate John Delaney was cornered by a truck driver Friday at the Iowa State Fair and addressed some very specific questions about trucking.
  • The Atlantic this month debuted a new short documentary from filmmaker Andrew Cohn that focuses on trucking. Called “Destination Park,” the video covers 24 hours inside the Mobile Chapel run by Transport for Christ. You can read more and view the video here.
  • OOIDA is kicking off a new educational series titled “Shift Into Success” at the 2019 Great American Trucking Show in Dallas. The first class, covering the cost of operations, takes place from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Aug. 22 in room C147 at the convention center. It’s free, and you don’t have to be an OOIDA member. For more information, call the OOIDA Foundation at 816-229-5791.

Segment 2

OOIDA member Theresa DeSantis brought home the big prize at this year’s SuperRigs Truck Beauty contest. Mary McKenna talks with both Theresa and her husband, Dean, about their show trucks.

Segments 3

What should you do when you’re offered extra coverages on your insurance policy, but you’re not prepared to spend the extra cash to add them? Mary McKenna gets some advice from our in-house truck insurance experts, Stacey Sanders and Trina McIntyre.

  • Find out more information about OOIDA’s truck insurance
  • You can also call the insurance department directly at 800-715-9369.
  • If you have a question about truck insurance you’d like answered on the air, you can call the Land Line Now Listener Comment Line at 800-324-6856.

Mark Reddig continues the series on lease-purchase agreements with Adam Kleinschmidt of OOIDA’s Business Services Department with a look at how carriers push truckers into them.

Segment 4

Congress is in its August recess, which presents a lot of opportunities for truckers to get their views across – including one who’s giving a member of the U.S. House a ride-along. Mark Reddig talks with OOIDA Manager of Government Affairs Mike Matousek.