How to avoid that out-of-service order

July 28, 2020


Land Line Now, July 28, 2020.

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The story of two truckers put out of service over cargo securement holds a lot of lessons for other drivers. Also, Massachusetts eyes bonds to fund roads.

securing cargo cargo securement

I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton


New travel restrictions are coming to Massachusetts, diesel drops for the second week in a row and I’ll take “Things people shouldn’t need to be reminded of” for $100, Alex.

II. Cargo securement and out-of-service orders

A lot of things can put a trucker or their truck out of service. And among those reasons is improper cargo securement. We’ll discuss two truckers who faced cargo securement problems.

III. Massachusetts wrestles with road funding

Massachusetts lawmakers are closing in on a deal to use bonds to fund transportation.

IV. OOIDA, others to Senate: Don’t raise insurance

Dozens of organizations – led by OOIDA – have asked Senate leaders to oppose increasing truckers’ requirements.

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