How safe is safety tech?

August 11, 2020


Land Line Now, Aug. 11, 2020.

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Truckers think most new safety technology isn’t so great for safety. Meanwhile, a study says truckers with treated medical conditions are among the safest.

safety technology
With more and more mandates, at what point does a truck dash start to look like the control console of an airliner?

I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

OOIDA urges speedy action on cross-border trucking, a wildfire shuts down I-70 in Colorado, and…Hey Netflix, welcome to Hell!

II. Safety technology earns a thumbs down

Truckers think the bulk of new safety technology isn’t so great for safety, according to a new study. Meanwhile, another study says more-experienced truckers with treated medical conditions are among the safest on the road.

III. Paying for local transportation

Local governments, like government at all other levels, are struggling to fund basic transportation needs. And Massachusetts and Michigan are among the states acting to solve the problem.

IV. Time running low for highway bill

The clock is ticking toward the deadline to have a new highway bill in place. We’ll explain what Congress is doing to meet that deadline.

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