Hours of service changes proposed

August 22, 2018


LLN (8/21/18) – Ray Martinez and Joe DeLorenzo of FMCSA come on to discuss the FMCSA’s announcement about the hours of service changes proposed. Also, an OOIDA analysis of the action; a 10-cent fuel tax increase headed to Missouri’s ballot; and a transportation funding issues in Maine.

0:00 – 10:10 – Newscast

10:10 – 24:51 – Hours of service changes proposed

24:51 – 40:10 – Missouri, Maine road-funding issues

40:10 – 50:19 – OOIDA analysis of hours of service announcement


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The FMCSA has announced an early stage of the Hours-of-Service Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. The FMCSA says the notice was in response to concerns from Congress, the trucking industry and individuals, and is intended to “alleviate unnecessary burdens placed on drivers.” Mark Reddig gets an exclusive interview with Ray Martinez, the administrator of FMCSA, and Joe DeLorenzo, head of enforcement at the agency, about the announcement.

Segment 3

Missouri was given the go-ahead to include a question on the November statewide ballot to allow voters to decide whether they want to tax themselves to help cover transportation-related costs. And the fall ballot in Maine will once again ask voters whether to approve millions in bonds for transportation uses. Terry Scruton talks Land Line Magazine’s Keith Goble. To read about legislation in a particular state, visit the OOIDA Legislative page.

Segment 4

Mark Reddig gets some analysis of the the FMCSA’s action on hours of service from Collin Long of OOIDA’s Washington, D.C., office.