Highway of the future could save lives

June 21, 2018


LLN (6/20/18) – The highway of the future could detect and report accidents without human intervention. We’ll have that, plus: rates reach record highs in June; diesel and oil continue to drop; and a food and restaurant industry group wants under-21 interstate truck drivers.

0:00 – 9:56 – Newscast

9:56 – 24:57 – Smart road test in Colorado

24:57 – 39:49 – Record-high rates; diesel price down

39:49 – 50:00 – Food groups push younger drivers

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What if the highway you were traveling on could alert police and fire departments if you were in an accident? How about if it could detect when a vehicle veers into the ditch? It could happen someday, and in fact, a test is underway in Colorado. Mary McKenna has a report.

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Rates reach record highs in June as freight returns after a brief slowdown. Terry Scruton talks with Peggy Dorf of DAT, a company that provides market information for owner operators, carriers, brokers and shippers.

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The average cost for a gallon of diesel fuel nationwide dropped 2.2 cents on Monday compared to a week previous. Terry Scruton offers a detailed update on the price of diesel fuel and crude oil, including a break down by region and analysis.

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A food and restaurant industry group is supporting a bill to allow under-21 drivers to drive large trucks. Their reason? The so-called driver shortage. Mark Reddig talks with Collin Long of OOIDA’s Washington, D.C., office and Andrew King of the OOIDA Foundation.

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