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‘Hidden requirements’ for ELDs?

November 4, 2019


Land Line Now, Nov. 4, 2019


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Does FMCSA have some “hidden requirements” for ELDs? Well, kind of. Also, diesel is getting bad rap – we’ll explain why it deserves better.

hidden requirements

I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

Today’s newscast with everything that working truckers need to know (10 Minutes)

II. Diesel’s bad rap, and why it shouldn’t have it

Near-zero emissions diesel? Reduced emissions? Fuel savings? A diesel tech expert explains why that bad rap needs to go away. Also, the unintended consequences of repealing the tax on new trucks. (14 minutes)

III. ‘Hidden requirements’ for ELDs?

First, some unusual requirements of different types of liability coverage. Then, does FMCSA have some “hidden requirements” for ELDs? Well the answer is – kind of. (14 1/2 minutes)

IV. A little corporate welfare, anyone?

How carriers in Ohio could get a tax credit for adding to a mess they made. Plus, working toward access for a type of insurance used by many truckers. (9 1/2 minutes)

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