GPS sparks tension during inspections

May 19, 2021


Land Line Now, May 19, 2021.

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Compliance officers in Maine have asked some truck drivers who are still on paper logbooks to hand over their GPS for confirmation.

OOIDA questions Virginia’s proposed GPS mandate

I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

House Republicans unveil their highway bill proposal. The I-40 Bridge could be closed for months. And you want fries with that gator?

II. GPS main point of inspection contention

We’ll explore why compliance officers in Maine are asking to see the GPS units of drivers who still run on paper logs. And a truck driver is alive today thanks to a former NFL player who sprang into action after a train collided with the driver’s semi. Retired defensive end Brandon Bair explains why he thinks a higher power was in charge that day.

III. Orange barrels – how do they affect the bottom line?

It’s the least favorite season of many truck drivers – construction season. We’ll report on how that could affect your bottom line.

IV. Trying for a compromise on infrastructure

As the two political parties try to work out differences over an infrastructure bill, where do things stand? Are we closer to an agreement, or as far off as ever?

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