Getting your own authority: It’s a business now

January 13, 2021


Land Line Now, Jan. 13, 2021.

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Getting your own authority means a lot of regulatory requirements, but truckers need to take care of business matters in order to succeed.

getting your own authority

I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

Rough weather leads to hazardous driving conditions in parts of the country; Todd Spencer is once again tapped for the Motor Carrier Safety Advisory Committee; and wanted: professional binge watchers.

II. The business side of getting your own authority

Recently on the show, we discussed all the things you have to do – legally speaking – in order to operate under your own authority. However, to succeed under your own authority, you have to attend to a number of important business factors.

III. Health issues and market trends

We’ll hear about one man’s own experience with an increasingly common driver health issue, as well as the latest freight and rate trends shaping the market.

IV. PPP is back, and focusing on small business

The Paycheck Protection Program is back, and this time, federal officials are trying to tighten the focus on small businesses.

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