FMCSA gives states truck safety cash

September 9, 2021


Land Line Now, Sept. 9, 2021.

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The FMCSA is giving states truck safety money to update their technology, to improve their compliance with federal CDL standards, and more.

FMCSA HOS crash not your fault? then lose it

I. Today’s news with Scott Thompson

A new Biden administration executive order sets a large vaccine mandate. The long arm of the law catches up with two truckers who knew better. And sorry, flower girls – there’s a new wedding tradition in town and it brought beer.

II. FMCSA grants $76 million to states

The FMCSA is giving states money for truck safety, the IRS is giving some truckers a better tax break, and yet another carrier wants an exemption from driver training rules.

III. Speed camera, speed radar and setting speed limits

Michigan lawmakers may OK speed cameras in work zones; Pennsylvania may let local cops use speed radar; and California could change how they set speed limits. We’ll have information about upcoming truck shows.

IV. How CVSA affects you

FMCSA sets trucking regulations. But if you’re put out of service, the officer likely followed out of service criteria written by the CVSA. We’ll tell you what happened at that group’s recent meeting and how it might affect you.

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