FMCSA explains personal conveyance

August 21, 2018


LLN (8/20/18) – We’ll get some clarity from FMCSA about how you can use your truck as a personal conveyance. Also today: Insurance can help repair your truck, but it won’t make it brand new.

0:00 –   10:09– Newscast

10:09 – 24:47 – FMCSA on personal conveyance

24:47 – 40:02 – FMCSA on personal conveyance

40:02 – 50:14 – Truck insurance, brand new vs. repaired

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A short time back, the FMCSA changes its guidance for how you can use your truck as a personal conveyance. The change appeared good for truckers, but some were confused. Terry Scruton will get some clarity from Joe DeLorenzo of the FMCSA.

Segment 4

When you file an insurance claim you may think you’re going to get your truck restored like new. But the truth most people don’t want to hear is that insurance is only there to put your truck back the way it was before. Terry finds out more from Trina McIntyre and Stacey Sanders of OOIDA’s Truck Insurance Department.

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