Florida gas tax holiday? Maybe, but not for diesel

December 7, 2021


Land Line Now, Dec. 7, 2021

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Florida’s governor wants state lawmakers to provide motorists with a gas tax holiday, while Michigan eyes speed cameras in work zones.

 Florida gas tax

I. Today’s news with Greg Grisolano

OOIDA gives a big Christmas present to a group that helps homeless veterans. Another sizable drop in the price of diesel. And a former NASCAR driver’s lawsuit means you could soon place a bet at your favorite Virginia truck stop.

II. What to do when you get a ticket

There are a number of decisions you need to make after getting a ticket. One of the first should be calling an attorney. Next is whether to fight it. We’ll have some advice.

III. Florida gas tax payers may get a break

Florida’s governor wants state lawmakers to provide motorists with a gas tax holiday. Meanwhile, talks continue at the Michigan statehouse on allowing speed enforcement cameras in work zones.

IV. An opportunity on truck parking

While nothing in the new bipartisan infrastructure bill requires money to be spent on truck parking, that does not mean it cannot be spent on that. In fact, OOIDA is trying to get the Federal Highway Administration to move forward with a program.

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