Federal highway aid – we’re overdue for a change

October 4, 2019


LLN – (10/04/19) – A nonpartisan Washington think tank says its time to fix the way the government hands out federal highway money to states. Find out who in trucking is deserving of some Roses and Razzberries. And we’ve got advice from OOIDA’s Business Services Department on how to deal with a problem broker.

0:00-10:11 – Newscast.

10:11-24:17 – The good and bad receive their just desserts in today’s Roses and Razberries.

24:17-38:48 – Problem broker? No problem with help from OOIDA Business Services Dept.

38:43-48:30 – Washington think tank wants to change the way the Fed hands out Transportation dollars

Segment 1


Segment 2

From people helping others during a flood to a congressman whose bill would benefit his family business, Terry Scruton and Mary McKenna tell you who’s been good and who’s been bad on today’s Roses and Razzberries.

Segment 3

Are you faced with problems with a broker? Mark Reddig talks to Jim Jefferson and Tom Crowley of OOIDA’s Business Assistance Department about possible problems and get some advice on how to handle them.

Segment 4

A non-partisan think tank in Washington says Congress should fix how it distributes infrastructure money to states – since the current program, it believes, is completely broken. Mary McKenna talks with Jay Grimes of OOIDA’s Washington D.C., office about the report released this week by the ENO Center for Transportation.