Employees deal with fallout from trucking company closure

May 7, 2019


LLN (5/7/19) – Employees continue to deal with the fallout from the abrupt closure of Falcon Transport. Meanwhile, one OOIDA board member shares his thoughts on hauling the mobile Vietnam Veterans Wall. Plus, Pennsylvania lawmakers consider bills regarding local use of speed radar and improved oversight of bridge commission. In addition, the latest from this week’s bulletin board. Plus, OOIDA tells the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee which legislation is important to small business truckers.

0:00-9:57 – Newscast

9:57-24:43 – Fallout continues from the closure of Falcon Transport

24:43-39:38 – Pennsylvania lawmakers consider bills altering speed radar and bridge commission’s inconsistencies.

39:38-49:25 – OOIDA communicates trucking issues that matter to T & I Comm.

Segment 1


The U.S. District Court for the Central District of California has dismissed a case against U.S. Express involving federal meal and rest break rules.

Segment 2

Employees continue to deal with the fallout from the abrupt closure of Falcon Transport. Terry Scruton speaks with former training and recruiter member, Wendi Lopez who’s been working on getting drivers paid. Terry also talks with attorney Stuart Miller about the case. Plus, OOIDA Board Member Doug Smith who hauled the mobile version of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall tells Terry what that meant to him.

Segment 3

Pennsylvania state lawmakers are considering bills that allow municipal police to use speed radar, as well as a bill to clear up governing inconsistencies in a state bridge commission. State Legislative expert, Keith Goble shares details with Mary McKenna.

Plus Mark Reddig joins Mary for this week’s bulletin board.

Segment 4

OOIDA’s Collin Long and Mary McKenna discuss the Association’s priorities as they relate to the Highway Bill Reauthorization process.