Driver shortage: Why is the media so fixated?

August 30, 2021


Land Line Now, Aug. 30, 2021.

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For years, mainstream media outlets accepted the driver shortage myth, and no amount of evidence convinces them otherwise. So why is that?

driver shortage

I. Today’s news with Scott Thompson

Hurricane leaves damage, disruptions in its wake. Tesla Autopilot feature blamed for another crash. And what’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen in the backseat of another vehicle?

II. Santa Fe Trail marks 200 years

The Santa Fe Trail is billed as America’s first great international commercial highway and it’s about to celebrate its 200th birthday. The chairwoman of Santa Fe Trail 200 organization will join us to discuss what traders on the trail back then have in common with the truckers of today.

III. Why insurance costs keep going up

Have you noticed your insurance costs going up, up, up of late? There are more than a few reasons for that – our experts will explain what they are – as well as what you can do to help bring those costs down a little.

IV. Driver shortage and the mainstream media

For years, mainstream media outlets have accepted a myth about trucking – that the industry is short on drivers. And it seems as if no amount of evidence can convince them otherwise. So why is that?

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