Driver shortage myth finally losing steam

November 15, 2021


Land Line Now, Nov. 15, 2021.

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OOIDA efforts to counter ATA’s driver shortage claims are paying off with public officials and media outlets. We’ll discuss recent coverage.

driver shortage

I. Today’s news with Scott Thompson

A move by the Supreme Court means California’s AB5 won’t be going into effect anytime soon. The Senate majority leader has a short-term solution in mind for lowering fuel prices. And a Vietnam vet gets his Purple Heart back 38 years after it was stolen.

II. Top Industry Issues different for drivers, carriers

The American Transportation Research Institute is out with the results from its annual Critical Issues in the Trucking Industry survey – and the difference in responses from truckers and larger carriers could not be bigger. We’ll have a breakdown.

III. Insurance and your lease

Insurance companies aren’t generally going to delve in to your lease agreement, but the OOIDA truck insurance department has recently been getting calls with questions. We’ll explain the links between lease agreements and insurance requirements.

IV. Driver shortage – media catching on that it’s a myth

OOIDA’s long running efforts to counter the ATA’s constant claims of a driver shortage are paying off, as public officials and media outlets are finally “getting it.” We’ll discuss some of the recent mainstream media coverage on the topic.

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