Driver shortage? Feds figure out it’s not a thing

July 22, 2021


Land Line Now, July 22, 2021.

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An FMCSA committee meeting and an article by the transportation secretary discuss turnover and retention instead of a driver shortage.

driver shortage

I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

A bipartisan infrastructure plan slows down in the Senate. The U.S. will keep its borders closed for another month. And making the best of a bad (road) situation.

II. Driver shortage out, driver turnover and retention in

Driver shortage? What driver shortage? An FMCSA advisory committee discussed driver turnover and retention instead, and the secretary of transportation has written an article for CNN that seems clued in to the facts.

III. Oregon wants to spend billions on roads

Oregon lawmakers have finished work on a large transportation funding bill, while six states are changing the rules for license plate readers. Also, we’ll bring you information about upcoming truck shows.

IV. FTC says it’s going to enforce right to repair

The Federal Trade Commission plans to step up enforcement of laws designed to protect the right to repair, while California complains of a possible aviation fuel shortage.

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