Detention time: A ‘monstrous problem’

August 5, 2019


LLN (8/5/19) –
Trucking faces “a monstrous problem” in the form of driver detention time. Also, obesity is a condition solidly linked to one of the most serious illnesses any of us will ever face. We’ll have advice on what you can do. Lease-purchase plans say they give you independence, but instead saddle you with requirements. And we’ll cover what OOIDA had to say to a national conference of the towing industry last week in our nation’s capital.

0:00-10:10 – Newscast

10:10-24:59 – Obesity and cancer

24:59 -39:14 – Detention time; lease-purchase requirements

39:14-49:07 – OOIDA brings trucker concerns to towing industry

Segment 1


  • The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has published its proposal to make its Crash Preventability Program permanent on the Federal Register. Comments are due Oct. 4.
  • The FMCSA is seeking public comments on a plan to develop a second pilot program to allow drivers between the ages of 18 and 20 behind the wheel of interstate commercial vehicles. Comments are due Aug. 14.
  • Jon Osburn and OOIDA’s tour truck, the Spirit of the American Trucker, are taking some time off. We’ll let you know when they’re back on the road. In the meantime, you can still join OOIDA at a discount. Just call 816-229-5791, ask for membership and mention our show for a $10 dollar discount.

Segment 2

Tell someone that something is linked to cancer, and they’ll likely to do something about it. However, one condition definitely connected to cancer is among the toughest to overcome – obesity. Mark Reddig talks with Dr. John McElligott of the St. Christopher Fund.

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Segment 3

The trucking industry faces “a monstrous problem” in the form of driver detention time. Terry Scruton discusses that, plus the newly redesigned website and the Woodstock 50th anniversary with Greg Grisolano and Mark Schremmer of Land Line Magazine.

Lease-purchase plans are advertised as giving you the independence of being an owner-operator. However, those same contracts often require you to do certain things, whether you think it’s smart or not. Mark Reddig gets some advice from Adam Kleinschmidt of OOIDA’s Business Services Department.

Segment 4

Every year, towing operators from around the country gather in our nation’s capital for the D.C. Towing Summit – and this year, OOIDA’s Mike Matousek – who has spent considerable time trying to fight the dark side of towing – was among those speaking. Mark Reddig finds out what he had to say.