Congress: big changes with new faces

December 11, 2019


Land Line Now, Dec.11, 2019

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Congress is looking at some big changes in 2020 – One of the biggest change will be the number of longtime members who are not running for re-election. Find out who’s out and what it could mean to trucking. Plus, we’ll have to wait until January to find out about truck-only tolls in Connecticut.


I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

The USMCA agreement, formerly known as the North American Free Trade Agreement or NAFTA, is approved by the House. Plus new tolls may be popping up across America. How much will you have to pay?

II. New Mexico truckers helping needy kids

A group of truckers will be collecting toys this Christmas for needy kids in New Mexico. And find out who in Congress should get a lump of coal from the trucking industry this year.

III. Market and diesel update

Van, reefer and flatbed rates are all up in this compressed holiday season. Meanwhile, crude oil prices dropped from highs on Tuesday as the government reports unexpected builds in U.S. inventories. Meanwhile, the price of diesel drops across most regions of the country.

IV. Changes ahead in Congress

Upcoming changes in Congress could mean there will be new faces when the votes are counted. What will this mean to the trucking industry?

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