Concealed carry across state lines? What’s really going on

January 28, 2021


Land Line Now, Jan. 28, 2021.

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A bill covering concealed carry reciprocity gains public attention. Also, infrastructure is a concern in a new domestic terrorism bulletin.

handgun in holster, belt concealed carry

I. Today’s news with Terry Scruton

Wet, winter weather continues to pound California. A Senate committee advances Biden’s nomination for Transportation Secretary. And get paid for napping on the job.

II. Transportation nominee moves forward

The nominee for transportation secretary moves ahead. The battle over broker transparency continues. And the Department of Labor pulls back an opinion on worker classification that could affect many truckers.

III. Bigger trucks still on state radar

North Dakota and Indiana are flirting with allowing larger, heavier truckers onto their roads. Meanwhile, while several states tackles transportation funding.

IV. Concealed carry reciprocity – will it happen this year?

A bill covering concealed carry reciprocity gains public attention, while infrastructure is among the items of concern in a new federal domestic terrorism bulletin.

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