Competition for freight intensifies

January 17, 2019


LLN (1/16/19) – Competition for freight intensifies as trucks return to the roads. Also, one overlooked place to improve your truck’s looks is the back bumper. Diesel prices continue to drop. Efforts are underway in Congress to end the partial government shutdown.

0:00 – 9:41 – Newscast

9:41 – 24:25 – Back bumper mods

24:25 – 39:22 – Freight competition; diesel price drops

39:22 – 49:09 – Getting the government running again

Segment 1


  • OOIDA has honored Eddie R. Hood of Muncie, Ind., for 33 years of safe, accident-free driving. Learn more about the OOIDA Safe Driving Award Program.
  • Trucker Chad Mock became a hero as he rescued a child strapped in a car seat that had fallen out of a car in front of him on a busy street in Mankato, Minn. What could have been a tragic incident was captured on Mock’s dashboard camera.

Segment 2

Sometimes, the little details are what makes a truck really shine – but they have to be functional as well. One often overlooked place where you can improve looks and function is the back bumper of your cab. Our producer, Barry Spillman, and host, Mark Reddig, will talk with Bryan Martin, the boss man of the Chrome Shop Mafia.

Segment 3

The freight is out there, but so is the competition as more trucks return to the roads. Terry Scruton talks with Peggy Dorf of DAT.

Also, diesel prices continue to drop as the oil market hits a lull after last week’s surge. Terry has our weekly update.

Segment 4

As the partial government shutdown continues, efforts are underway in Congress – including a bipartisan group of senators that may try to get the government back in action. Mark Reddig gets an update from Collin Long of OOIDA’s Washington, D.C., office.